NFT Trading Video ₿

I created a narrated short video for a small non-fungible token (NFT) sales company.

  • Responsibilities: eLearning Development, video editing, video narration
  • Client: NFT Brokerage
  • Tools Used: Storyline 360, Google Workplace, Storyboarder, Final Cut Pro, OBS
  • LMS: None
  • Year: 2021


A startup in the NFT space wanted to create a short training course for prospective clients. They reached out to me to help design it. Because there would be few ways to evaluate the success of the course, limited funding and other problems, I decided that at the current time this was not a good candidate for a course.

Instead, I offered to create them a short promo that could in the future be expanded into an online course, likely with a gamification element.

Due to the short time of the video, I tried to incorporate some learning elements into the course. The most important goal was to have the user “walk away” with a very basic understanding of what the company does after watching the video, which I feel we accomplished.

I created the video in less than four hours using a combination of free stock vectors, and still images. I also created captions track that could be added to the video. The entire video, with redacted elements, is available to watch below.