Real Estate Agent Education Center

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How to Find Success as a Real Estate Agent

So, you interested in becoming a real estate agent? Perhaps you are trying to pivot into real estate sales. Maybe you recently entered the industry and are trying to figure out how to get started. Or, you have been at it a while and want to expand your business.

Whatever your real estate goals, pyvt’s education center will help you achieve them.

Real estate can be challenging. In fact, up to 80% of real estate agents quit within their first year! But, the other 20%? Many of them go on to earn six, and even seven figure incomes within a few short years. If you want to fall into this latter category, you need to study hard and work smart.

I have created the education center to share free content with you, so that you can learn more about the real estate business, and grow your own. It is primarily geared towards those in the residential real estate brokerage field.

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Free Tools

  1. Free Real Estate Agent Salary Calculator – Use this tool to determine how much you can make in the industry.
  2. Real Estate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – Many questions that new agents have.
  3. Resources on Real Estate and Financial Freedom – Check out the resources page to find other’s content to supplement your research.
  4. Pyvt’s YouTube Channel – Videos geared towards agents, as well as buyers and sellers.

Materials (Downloadable)

  1. (Free Download) 2 Free Blog Posts for your real estate blog – Every agent should have a blog on their website. Here are two articles that are 100% free to use. Simply download them and upload them to your site.

4 Essential Beginner Real Estate Agent Articles

The four essential articles I recommend to all new, and experienced, agents. ~30 minutes total read time.