2 Free Articles for Your Real Estate Blog

(Click Here) Free Download 2 Free Articles for Your Real Estate Blog

Fellow real estate agents, please use the above (or below) link to download two free real estate blog posts. You can upload these posts directly to your blog or website, or you can send them to your website administrator to upload. More detailed information is listed below.

How to Use These Free Real Estate Blog Posts

Simply copy the text of one of the blog posts (or both) and paste it on your new blog. You may need to re-format the titles and subheadings. Body text in bold is intended to be used as a subheading. Each blog post has been optimized for maximum SEO performance. If you have a web administrator that runs your blog or your website, simply download this document and send it to them. Each blog post contains a backlink back to pyvt.com. I ask that you keep it, but if you want to remove it, that’s ok too. Please also feel free to expand or reduce any portion of each post. Questions? Contact https://pyvt.com/contact/

How to start a real estate blog

Starting a real estate blog is easy, but getting web traffic is challenging. Here is a great article on starting a blog. If you already have a real estate website, it is in your best interest to add a blog section. The two articles I am including should be a good start.

Real Estate Blog Topics and Ideas

The first blog post is on the topic of staging, something that is very relevant in the real estate industry today. The second blog post is on the power of your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Both topics are timely and represent important concepts that you will want to get across to your sellers.

Pyvt’s Education Center

Both blog posts are part of a larger effort I am undertaking to provide content for new real estate agents. You can read more about this new campaign on pyvt’s education center.

The education center is completely free to use and provides useful information for newer agents. If you have any suggestions, please use the contact form (link above) or simply leave them in a comment below.

(Click Here) Free Download 2 Free Articles for Your Real Estate Blog

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