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My Mission in Real Estate

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I launched pyvt, a real estate blog and resource, with a simple mission: To document stories from the real estate field and to share my journey towards financial freedom. I really enjoy working in real estate as well as saving and investing enough money so I will be able to retire soon; that is the simple goal.

“But Cy, why would you create this site when there are many other real estate sites?”

Here is the deal: Whether looking to buy or sell your property, or just starting out as an agent, there is a severe lack of useful information on the web. What there is a lot of is badly written articles from poor souls in 3rd-world countries. This is because long ago it was discovered that writing lengthy, repetitive articles on real estate would make their websites (and usually the links they want you to click on that make them money), rank higher on search results than other more intelligent, thoughtful and to-the-point pieces. That is too bad because real estate advise should come from experts in the field, not those thousands of miles away.

Additionally, there are shady practices used by people in the real estate field that can hurt buyer’s and seller’s bottom line. I enjoy contributing my piece to help reform the game.

My Journey in Real Estate

Real estate has been a fun journey. In the first six since months since graduating from college, I made $7,500. My second year was a bit better: I made $17,000. In my third year I made well-over $100,000. The future is looking bright, and it can look good for you too, but not if you listen to popular gurus who say you need to prospect all day, grind, hustle and power through any setback to find success in this field: If that has worked for you, fair enough. It did not work for me, and I doubt it has worked for many people. That is not to say that working hard is not necessary to succeed, but one must work smart as well.

On occasion, I make mistakes & I get things wrong. If something is obviously off, drop me a line and I will correct it. If you disagree, agree, or have a different perspective, leave a comment so others can hear your opinion.

A few Other Things to Note

  1. I’m a licensed (License #9557783) real estate salesperson in the State of Massachusetts and member of the National Association of Realtors. I have to follow all ethical and legal parameters, which I am more than willing to do. However, on rare occasions conforming to these standards can make my writing seem robotic and bland, for that I apologize. Also, since I am in Massachusetts, my experiences won’t be the same as those working in other areas of the United States. So, don’t rely on it! If you want to read the full legal disclosure (I actually had to pay someone to make this for me), click here.
  2. If I remember right, I got a C (maybe a C+) in high school English. Therefore, my grammar and vernacular is decent, but not great. Sometimes I use industry terms as well, which may throw off a newbie. Stay with me, it’s worth it.
  3. Keeping this real estate blog alive can at super rare moments be boring. So, if you have not noticed already, I like to interject humor whenever and wherever possible. If you are looking for serious, regimented cookie-cutter boring content, you probably belong in a stuffy office stuck in the 20th century. Real estate deals, negotiations, and business happens in the real world. In the world of real estate, few people care how you talk, speak, smell, walk, and even dress (within reason); it’s all about trust, respect and the numbers! If the numbers make sense, you could show up to a closing wearing a Hawaiian shirt and your clients would probably still sign.

More Resources (Other’s Blogs, Channels and Books)

If you want to learn a little more about me, click here. There are a bunch of other cool people talking about their experience in the real estate field. Some of them have their own real estate blog. Others have YouTube channels, podcasts, and a few have even written books on real estate and financial freedom. Many of them focus on a specific niche, like commercial leases. I have made a resource and real estate FAQ page for those who are interested. Check them out.

That’s all for now. Let’s get selling!

Yours truly,

Cyrus Karl, REALTOR®

“Over 80% of the world’s millionaires have made their fortunes through real estate.”